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Our Lineage

"If we drink the water, we must first know of its spring (source)." - Ip Man

The quote above comes from a  Chinese proverb “Know the source of the water you drink”. It is important in a martial art to know the line in which it was passed down to you. Below is an illustration of the family tree of my Wing Chun, tracing back to the creator of the art Ng Mui.

I train in Ip Man lineage Wing Chun passed on by Master Samuel Kwok through Ip Man's Sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching.

I train my students using the methods I was trained with. I ask that if they go on to teach they use these methods and maintain the standards of this line of Wing Chun so that it will remain strong for future generations.

At Warrior Wing Chun we are fiercely proud of our Lineage and respect our ancestors but train traditionally and in a Progressive manner.

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