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Respect & Determination

"We teach simple, honest and wholesome Wing Chun method, direct from Ip Man under the guidance of Master Samuel Kwok and his two sons, Ip Chun & Ip Ching. We respect our Kung Fu Heritage but train progressively for the future."

- Sifu Ade Rhodes

Founded in 2003, our mission has always been to combine tradition and progression, emphasising self defence and self-discovery rather than competition. We pride ourselves on inner-development over solely outward display. At Warrior Wing Chun, each hour spent training is seen as an opportunity to build confidence, discipline and both mental and physical strength.

We teach traditional Ip Man Wing Chun as taught to Sifu Ade by Master Samuel Kwok. SIfu Ade comes from a wealth of real world experience with 20 years in The Security Industry as well as wealth of experience in other martial arts. 

Stand up for your Friends,

Stand up for your Family,

Stand up for yourself,

Stand up and be counted.

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