Sifu Ade Rhodes

"If you want tio defend yourself, learn how to Hit, then learn how to hit hard" - Sifu Ade Rhodes

Priory Park Boxing Club, Priiory Road, Dudley, West Midlands. DY! 4EY

Sifu Rhodes's journey in the martial arts started from an early age and studied various arts like Karate, Judo, Chow Gar Southern Mantis, Shaolin Fut Gar and then in the 90s he started a new chapter and discovered Wing Chun


Sifu Ade trained with various instructors and after a break from Wing Chun, he started to train extensively with a senior student of Master Samuel Kwok. It was at this time he started training exclusively and privately with Master Kwok and after a while he gained his Instructor Certificate. He was later accepted as a closed door student and took part in the traditional Bai Si Ceremony with his SIfu.


Ade has a wide and varied experience of combat both in and outside of the gym (over 20 years in security). He brings a certain reality into training to ensure students can apply their Wing Chun in violent self defence situations.


One of his biggest achievements to date was to set up a charity fundraising event called the UK Wing Chun Gathering, to which he is the original Founder and organizer. Under HIS organisation The UK Wing Chun Gathering has raised ten's of thousands for Charity, 8 events have been held so far  and is  currently entering its 5th year of operations.

'Help the weak and the very young – use your martial skill for the good of humanity.' - Ip Man Code of Conduct.

As well as this has also written articles for magazines and websites and featured in the prestigious book, 'The Way of The Warrior' by renown author, Broadcaster and martial artist, Chris Crudelli. He is also a two time MAI Hall of Fame Award Winner.


Ade respects his Wing Chun Heritage but has a progressive approach which is reflected in the training.

"We teach simple, honest and wholesome Wing Chun Kung Fu method. We respect our
Kung Fu Heritage but train progressively for the future." - Sifu Ade Rhodes"