Kid Classes


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'Remember, a bully is only as powerful as you allow him or her to be.' - Sifu Ade Rhodes


Priory Park Boxing Club, Priiory Road, Dudley, West Midlands. DY! 4EY

"Our mission is to help your child thrive and inspire them to achieve their goals and to be proud of their achievements."

At Warrior Wing Chun we run a structured kids class aimed at teaching your kids the art of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is an efficient form of self defence that was made famous by Bruce Lee and the Ip Man Series of Movies. 


Wing Chun can bring many benefits to your child and be a great asset to their development. Wing Chun can help  your child gain:



                                                          Improved Focus/Concentration

                                                          Fitness - Be Fitter and Healthier

                                                          Self Defence

                                                          Mental and Physical Wellness

                                                           Have Fun and Make New Friends!!!

                                                           BEAT THE BULLY!!!!!

Whatever you are looking for your child to learn we are confident that learning a well rounded and proven martial like Wing Chun King Fu we can inspire your child to achieve. Your children will become proud of their achievements and the positive effects of this will show in other areas of their life. At Warrior Wing Chun we not only believe in the ABCs of self defence but also the ABCs of life:




Our Classes are taught by experienced Martial Artists and family men SIfu Ade Rhodes and Sihing John Akins.  Please call 07970677672 for further details,