About us

The aim of Warrior Wing Chun is to teach a no nonsense, approach to Wing chun and self defence under Master Samuel Kwok, who has direct lineage to Ip Man.

Priory Park Boxing Club, Priiory Road, Dudley, West Midlands. DY! 4EY

We are Warrior Wing Chun, based in Dudley capital of The Black Country near Birmingham. We teach  a style of Martial Arts called Wing Chun from Ip Man Lineage.


We are one of the longest established clubs teaching Wing Chun in the Black Country and our aim is simple:


"To teach a no nonsense, straightforward approach to Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun and its role in realistic self defense applications. To ANYONE that wishes to learn."


We have a no ego, friendly atmosphere with a comprehensive progression path to ensure you get the most out of classes.

"We teach simple, honest and wholesome Wing Chun method, direct from Ip Man under the guidance of Master Samuel Kwok and his two sons, Ip Chun & Ip Ching. We respect our Kung Fu Heritage but train progressively for the future."


- Sifu Ade Rhodes


At Warrior WIng Chun we teach Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun and apply our Wing Chun in a very modern and progressive Streetwise Approach which pragmatically deals with Realistic Self Defence.


Through these approaches you can learn an all round Martial Art that can fulfill many objectives.

To learn more about our club, The Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association and the unique Martial Art of Wing Chun, please feel free to browse our site.

Thank you for visiting our site and look forward to welcoming you to Warrior Wing Chun very soon...