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Sifu Rhodes's journey in the martial arts started from an early age and studied various arts like Karate, Judo, and in his teens he discovered the chinese arts and studied Chow Gar Southern Mantis (Master Paul Whitrod Lineage) and Shaolin Fut Gar Under Master Donny Siew (Yang Por) .


In the 90s he started a new chapter and discovered Wing Chun and trained under Leung Ting Lineage and then under Samuel Kwok Lineage. After a short break from his training he started to train extensively and privately with Sifu Stephen Dyde who re-introduced him to Master Samuel Kwok.


Sifu Ade then started  to train with Master Samuel Kwok and after intense training and assessment gained his instructor Certificate for the SKWCMAA. Later on in his training, Sifu Ade was accepted as an indoor disciple and took part in the traditional Bai Si Ceremony with Master Samuel Kwok. He has been in Sifu Kwok's  direct lineage ever since and maintains regular contact with Sifu Kwok to ensure continuous improvement of my standards.  Sifu Ade also regularly train with UK and Chinese Sifus he has become friendly with over the years and regular attends event s and meetings all over the country


Over years, Sifu Ade has gained experience experience of combat both in and outside of the gym (over 20 years in security). He brings a certain reality into training to ensure students can apply their Wing Chun in violent self defence situations. He is the original founder and organiser of the UK Wing Chun Gathering Event, which, under his organisation has raised tens of thousands for Charity. The event was  awarded top 100 Heroes for the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity, one of the main benefactors.


As well as this has also written articles for magazines and websites and featured in the prestigious book, 'The Way of The Warrior' by renown author, Broadcaster and martial artist, Chris Crudelli, a one time mentor. He is also a multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee for top magazine MAI.


Ade respects his Wing Chun Heritage but has a progressive approach which is reflected in the training.


"Respect your Heritage and develop your art." - Sifu Ade Rhodes ...

"Progression in WIng Chun is Simple, Turn Up, Listen to your Sifu and train bloody hard." - Sifu Ade Rhodes

"I would rather someone be slow and good than bad and fast." - Sifu Ade Rhodes

Sifu Ade Rhodes

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