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About Ip Chun

Ip Chun (born July 1924), also known as Ip Chun or Ip Jun, is a Chinese martial arts Sifu specializing in Wing Chun. He is the eldest of two sons. Ip’s father Ip Man was the Wing Chun teacher of late movie star Bruce Lee.


Ip began studying Wing Chun with his father when he was seven years old. In 1949, after the Communists established the People's Republic of China on the Chinese mainland, Ip's father left for Hong Kong and Ip, then 24, remained in Foshan to continue his studies in university. However, in 1962, due to the Cultural Revolution, Ip and his younger brother, Ip Ching, were forced to leave Foshan and move to Hong Kong to join their father.


In Hong Kong, Ip worked as an accountant and newspaper reporter in the day and practiced Wing Chun in the evening under his father's tutelage. In accordance with his father's wishes, in 1965, Ip participated in the affairs of the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association (HKVTAA) and became one of its founding members when it was formally established in 1968. During the first three years in the association, Ip took on the role of treasurer and was later appointed as chairman.


At over 90 years old Ip Chun still teaches at the HKVTMAA and a regular class at Sha Tin Town Hall.

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