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What  Is Wing Chun?


Wing Chun Kung Fu is fighting system characterised by short-range, explosive techniques. It uses simultaneous defense and attack principles, and favours efficiency of movement and sensitivity to the moves of the opponent over strength.


It is a simple system, containing few forms compared to other martial arts styles, allowing the student to pick up the necessary techniques for self-defence in the minimum amount of time. Partner training is used extensively to build reflexes, speed of movement and to train in a realistic manner. More information on the Wing Chun can be found HERE


Is there a Beginners Class


Classes are usually of mixed ability, beginners are initially paired with experienced students to cover fundamentals, so that they can learn at a more suitable pace.


Do I book Classes In Advance?


No, just turn up and introduce yourself or contact us via the 'Contact Us' Page


Can I View a Class Before I train?


You’re welcome to come along and watch if you prefer, though its better to take part in the classes so you can get a feel and sample if you are comfortable with it.


What Should I Wear For Class?


Loose, comfortable clothing or any comfortable gym wear is appropriate.


What Equipment Do I Need?


No equipment is needed as the Gym is fully equipped.


Do you have Gradings?


Yes. All systems are structured and have gradings, although grading is not compulsory it is a great way of tracking progress. We follow a structured Syllabus that is sanctioned by the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association.


Is Wing Chun Suitable for Everyone?


WIng Chun is suitable for EVERYONE, young, old, male, female,  irrespective of size or physical ability. The sytem is suitable for everyone whatever gender or body type.


Are the Instructors Qualified?


All Instructors are fully qualified with the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association and personally assessed by SIfu Ade Rhodes or Grand Master Samuel Kwok and registered with the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association. Warrior WIng Chun is Assocaited with the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association who are recognised by the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.


Do I need previous martial arts experience?


In short, No. No previous experience is needed.Experience is always beneficial but not a necessity. Infact it can be an advantage not to have any experience as you will not have any habits that you may have to break (or unlearn) at a later stage.


Is Wing Chun suitable  for Women?


As previously stated Wing Chun is Suitable for EVERYONE. It is believed that Wing Chun was invented by a woman.  WIng Chun is suitable for ALL body types, Small, Big, Male, Female and great strength is not needed.


What can i expect from a typical class?


A typical Class will consist of Warm Up and then Solo Drills followed by Partner Drills then finished with applications Chi Sau, or Forms. As well this we advocate lots of Pad Work and from time to time we will work directly on Syllabus activity to prepare for gradings.


Wil i get hurt??!!


Again in short No, it is very unlikely, all our classes are run in a safe, professional friendly manner with the students helping each other, not hurting each other. You safety learning and progression is at the heart of our Club.


Are there any weapons in Wing Chun?


Yes. Once you have completed the empty handed system, you begin to train with Butterfly Knives and the Six and a Half Point Pole. There is a form and combat applications associated with each weapon.


How long does it take to complete the system?


This is a difficult question to answer as this is purely down to the individual. Its Simple,  harder you train and the more you listen,  the quicker you will improve. Regular gradings will help you progress through the system, improving your knowledge and skill. We never force progress in training, and do not allow shortcuts to improve your grade. Each student must show 100 percent competency at one level before proceeding to the next.


When are the classes?


Classes are held

EVERY THURSDAY between 8pm and 10pm and

EVERY SATURDAY between 4pm and 6pm

Private Lessons can be arranged .


What are the costs?


The Costs are £5 per 2hour lesson. If, after a short period, you decide it is suitable for you then a Yearly Membership of £25  is payable for SKWCMAA (Samuel Kwok WIng Chun Martial Arts Association) Membership

If you wish to grade to the Officialyy recognised syllabus then a fee per grading is payable.

You can pay for classes in advance or as you go.


Right, WHERE DO I START?!!!!!


Just get yourself to our kwoon (gym) which is located at:


Priory Park ABC

Priory Road,


West Midlands.



Or Contact


Call: 07970 677 672