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About Warrior Wing Chun


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Testimonials - What Our Students Say

Given that starting any new group activity alone can be nerve racking, particularly anything involving physical activity outside of your comfort zone.


That been said the group were very welcoming and enthusiastic toward myself joining the club.


Wing Chun and in particular the IP MAN style is a clever, intelligent and effective martial art and is delivered within the club by Sifu Ade Rhodes who uses his many years of martial arts experience and real life security experience to offer technical and practical teachings in a way that is understood easily regardless of background or previous experience.


Personally I have found Ade Rhodes and the senior members of the club very helpful and understanding regarding my progress, personal obligations and training. A great club with great sense of “family” and loyalty to its members. There is a real feel that all of the Warrior family are there for each other and look out for one another.


As is true in all aspects of life you get out what you put in and if you are prepared to stay the course and train regularly Warrior Wing Chun will deliver results both in Martial Arts ability and life in general.


Jamie Roberts (Red 4)


As long I've been coming to Warrior a few months now and find the classes very welcoming and rewarding. Sifu Ade teaches from a realistic point of veiw and id like to thank him for his patience, persistence and positive encouragement. I whole heartedly reccomend the club to anyone wishing to learn an effective form of street self defence. 


Anthony Harlow student for life

I've only been training at Warrior for seven months and it was something I was looking for. Being in my mid fifties and a beginner I didn't think I would find a club that would make me feel welcome, I was wrong. I had a good talk with Sifu Ade and he said the club as no egos or bullies just fellow students with the same goal which is very true and it's like being part of a bigger family. I enjoy training at Warrior Wing Chun and I know other people would also. -


Neil Maclennan

Just started training at Warrior, Love the atmosphere and the people. SIfu Ade has patience and teaches trditional Wing Chun with a no nonsense attitiude. I LOve training at Warrior WIng Chun and see me here for a while yet


John Akins

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Since I have been at Warrior wing chun , almost a year now. I have gained  confidence and self esteem as well as the all important skill set I have acquired In this amazing martial art , and that is mainly down to the people who attend and make everyone feel welcome .

The Sifu Ade Rhodes is very passionate about what he does and how he teaches and that shows through the advanced students who are always willing to help beginners like myself.


Nick Trenham.


Warrior Wing Chun formerley opened as a Wing Chun Club in 2005 under the toutledge of Ade Rhodes. Back then there were very few Wing Chun Schools in the Dudley and Black Country area. Since then, and from direct teaching from Warrior Wing Chun, a few more minor schools have opened.


At Warrior Wing Chun you will learn the traditional art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and the skills to adapt the art so that it will work in the current Urban arena and for you personally. As society and the dangers on the street evolve, so too must the art of self defence.


We have a very open minded and progressive culture and offer a realistic and pragmatic pproach to Wing Chun. We are very much ego free and avoid politics, we promote an atmosphere where students help each other and we have a sense of community. We believe in simple things and that hard work and training will always prosper, there is no quick, magical or instant fix, HARD WORK beats all.


Classes are structured to communicate knowledge effectively, as well as be able to monitor students and ensure they progress and get the most from the art. Our attitiude to progression is simple also, we believe if you TURN UP, LISTEN TO THE SIFU and TRAIN HARD, progression in Wing Chun will be smooth.


We are proud of our lineage, based on the Ip Man System taught under the guidance of Master Samuel Kwok, who is a world leading exponent of wing chun and student of both of Ip Man's Sons, Ip Ching and Ip Chun.


To learn more about our club, The SKWCMAA Schools, our Instructors and the fantastic Martial Art of Wing Chun, please feel free to browse our site or visit